Business Advice

A successful and growing business is one of the most important paths to financial freedom.

At Crosby Dalwood, we are much more than just accountants – number crunching is only part of our job.

Our main focus is to provide our business clients with a “road map” so that they can see a path from where they are today to where they want to be in the future.

We take an active interest in your businesses and provide solutions and strategies in respect of each stage of your business life:

  1. Purchasing or starting a business
  2. Running your business; and
  3. Selling or closing your business or transitioning to the next generation

How we help our business clients:

  1. We ensure you are using the right tax structure to minimise your tax and offer maximum protection for your assets.
  2. We can provide an analysis of your business performance and help set and monitor KPI’s.
  3. By providing budgeting and cash flow projections.
  4. By assisting the business to review processes, systems and controls as well as operational efficiencies and implementing cost management strategies.
  5. By offering consulting services ie business planning, marketing, HR and recruitment.
  6. With legislation becoming more complex and constantly changing, we provide your business with up-to-date information. This is paramount because a greater number of responsibilities are being placed on small businesses.
  7. We help you save and invest your wealth to ensure your future peace of mind by working with you to develop a tax-effective retirement strategy*.
  8. Wealth needs to be protected so we provide solutions to look after your loved ones*.
  9. Other services we provide to help you work on your business include leasing, business loans, home loans and risk insurance.


* We are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your personal information.  As an Authorised Representative of Count Financial Limited, we are bound by Count’s Privacy Policy.