Managing Debt

Knowing the difference between good debt and bad debt is the first step towards taking control of your overall situation and using it to build wealth.

Good debt is where you borrow to invest and your investment grows in value or earns money, like a property investment. On the other hand, bad debt is where you’ve borrowed for a car, boat or use a credit card to buy items that depreciate in value and don’t earn you any money. We can help you calculate how much money you need to be saving, spending, or investing in order to manage your debt or reduce it faster.

By prioritising your debts and identifying which ones you should be paying off immediately, you will be able to achieve your savings goals. We also work with you to set realistic objectives and create a budget so that you take control of spending, saving, and investing.

If you have multiple personal loans, consolidating your debts could be a good option.


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