Testimonial – Bruce

Helga has a friendly and personable demeanour with an appreciative sense of humour.  Her punctuality in attending to client needs and requests allays client’s concerns if they arise.  Her communication style is clear, easily understood, open and honest.  This is underpinned by a preparedness to listen to client’s needs and develop a financial plan which is suitable and comfortable.

Helga ensures that clients have the opportunity to continually develop personal relationships (eg social activities) and their understanding of the financial trends in Australia and world-wide (regular seminars).  At the same time, Helga has ensured her professional development by continually attending seminars and expanding professional networks.

The financial advice provided over many, many years has stood the test of time.  The investment portfolios have withstood the vagaries of the financial markets.  The portfolio has withstood the Global Financial Crisis and this was in no small part due to advice and assurance provided.  In recent years, the portfolio has outperformed the national average.  Clients are provided with two formal portfolio reports each year and backed up by regular updates each year.

The ultimate test is the confidence to refer family, friends and acquaintances to any person.  After many years of personal satisfaction, I have no hesitation in referring people to Helga for financial advice.  Without fail, they have been delighted with the personal relationship developed and above all, the performance of their financial portfolio.

In summary, I have the utmost regard for Helga’s personal qualities, as well as her ultimate financial advice.  This has culminated in the well-being, both personal and financial, of our many family members and friends.  Thank you, Helga.