Cloud Accounting

What’s the cloud you say?

It is the biggest revolution to hit accounting in decades.
Cloud accounting is when you move your business data online and house it on a host’s server, where you can access it anywhere, anytime on any device.

Making the lives of small business owners easier is our belief. The last thing you want to worry about at the end of a long day is doing data entry and bookkeeping.

Benefits of cloud accounting:

  • Being browser based it works on any platform anytime, all you need is internet access and your user passwords.
  • You will never have to update your software again and no backup is required. This is all done by your cloud partner (Xero and Myob being the two largest operators) and is seamless in its integration.
  • You can see your cash flow in real time, on your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Tablet or PC, anytime, anywhere!             No more uploads, downloads or upgrades.
  • You can enable multiple users of your accounting system each with various access levels, so you can control who sees what and allow key people to access what they need.
  • Invoicing can be done on the spot – and payment can be taken at the same point, increasing the speed of your business cash flow.
  • Bank reconciliations become a breeze as bank data is sucked into your accounting system for you to deal with at your leisure.

And if all that is not enough for you: the biggest benefit to moving your data to a cloud platform can be the big data analytic capability you can unlock when you free your data to work with other applications.

Come and talk to us here at Crosby Dalwood, in Kent Town, just to the east of the Adelaide city centre and let us help you unleash the potential of cloud accounting.

As your local Adelaide advisers we need you to ask yourself: “When the whole world is going digital, can I afford to ignore it?”

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