Deceased Estates

Services to Executors

We specialise in preparing Income Tax Returns and offering Tax Advice to Executors of Deceased Estates.

This includes preparing and lodging the Deceased’s final income tax return(s), and obtaining the Deceased’s tax history so the Executors are fully aware of the Deceased’s entitlements or payment obligations.

Crosby Dalwood can also obtain a Tax File Number for the Estate, and prepare the income tax returns for income received by the Executors on behalf of the Estate.

Where the Will sets up an ongoing Trust fund (or Testamentary Trust) we provide Executors with Accounting and Taxation Advice.

Services to Legal Practitioners

Many solicitors specialise in the preparation of Wills and the administration of Deceased Estates, either assisting the Executors or acting as Executors. Some will also prepare the Income Tax Returns, while others stay away from the taxation aspects.

Crosby Dalwood also specialises in preparing Income Tax Returns and providing taxation advice to solicitors who require this service.

We have built an in-depth knowledge of the complexities that often arise in the taxation of Deceased Estates including Testamentary Trusts.

Crosby Dalwood provides a full range of services to solicitors from basic Tax Return Preparation through to complex Tax Planning for Testamentary Trusts, including “what-if” scenarios for Capital Gains Tax, and generally seeking to maximise the financial resources available to beneficiaries.